INSULATION (Special Sealing)

INSULATION (Special Sealing)

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In new residence just before placing the flooring problems presented by water dripping from the ceiling, the cable junction boxes, and switches & sockets. After an autopsy found that the water had passed under the tiles, the asphalt, and the insulation due to workmanship (poor installation of roof runoff, wrong choice of putty tiles, wrong placement of the asphalt). The water had accumulated on the plate and then through holes in the pipes and electrical cables came in the bedroom below. The solution that we were right to put new gutters in the right way, removal of baseboards and construction of curved groove perimeter, removing as much water as possible and installation of vents to dry the rest, boxing pipe with sealed concrete, and a final coating with a special polyurethane membrane.

Roof Repair in Filothei

In Filothei after heavy rain I was called urgently because it was running water from the roof of the apartment 4th floor. What we saw was incredible so see the photos and video. The incredible was that it wasn't above the terrace or the porch, but the living room of the house and the bedrooms. There was no leakage of hydraulic. The roof was of plaster and was full of water. The cause; the terrace over the living room was plugged with the runoff races from the pots, filled the terrace, the water came from the apron of the sliding aluminum and the ceiling was filled with water.

Leakage from window boxes

In residence from the window boxes were leaking externally from the wall flooded with water under the wooden floor, resulting in the destruction of the floor. After the floor was defeated, had to be dried with fan & heating equipment was no rush because the damage was done before Christmas. Window boxes are empty plants and soil, cleaned and sealed completely and permanently.