Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools

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pool terrace

Construction on the pool terrace housing development, with overflow overflow (local runoff) in continuity with the surroundings, with white epoxy paint in gray pool and the surrounding area, the pool is located on top of the eighth floor.

Pool with overflow basins linear

Construction of linear pool with overflow basin with marble indian serena, the design of the overflow is ours, the channel has to be modified to eliminate the problems which are usually linear-off, the pool has a mechanism contrary swimming & whirlpool outlets in the ladder interior is lined with white tiles.

Pool on property

Refurbished pool in an estate home built 1973-74 which presented a problem of leaks from the original construction.
The pool and the surrounding area were completely renovated in 1993-94, but the pool continued to have problems, so the 1996 film placed on but had better & that problem.
The result of all these years was the inner circumference of the walls of the pool is filled with water and the plaster to fall and be unable to use the storage space, and the engine to be more water so that the machinery spoils faster.
After inspection and checking of the walls was decided to repair the pool and to upgrade without completely dismantled.
The pool skimmer was & had to be done with multiple drainage overflow (when the lights had to climb higher and to overflow tank manufacturer) device to be placed opposite to swimming & whirlpool on
Joined by a series of photographs we present the stages of work: original image, depose, repair & sealing cement-and-marble mosaic installation.
correct the stairs of concrete.